Hy View Feeds | Manufacturer | Mabel, MN


Feed is the strength of Hy View Feeds.

We make Organic and non-GMO feeds, concentrates and minerals.

The Iowa Dept of Ag awarded our organic certification in 2004.

We have been manufacturing feeds, from scratch, since 1989. By now

there are over 500 formulas cached in our files. In addition to several

house formulations for each specie, custom mixes are the norm. So if

you have a special request or a certain tweak you would like to

provide for your livestock, we can add it to your mix.


Our feeds are made with cleaned grains, something not often found

anymore. Minerals and vitamins are added at optimum and balanced

levels because we believe they are the foundation of maintained health

and performance.


Below are some of the recognized specialty brands available singly or

mixed into our feeds.

To Contact Us:

Phone: 507-493-5564


40928 County 18

Mabel, MN 55954

8 to 5 Mon thru Friday Sat by Appointment

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