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Come to Hy View and enjoy our beautiful views of Bluff Country.

   We have had quite a resurgence of hog raisers this year. The Red Waddles, Glouchester Old Spots and Berks and Idaho Pasture Pigs are showing up in sheds and oak groves in SE MN. We have several swine formulations and variations for you to make your product your own.


And speaking of variations, poultry take the prize. Why we even have a for-mula for no-soy duck layer and another for vegetarian no-soy broiler grower.

In March through October, you can order your baby chicks from us. We have a very good source for heritage and rare breeds, too. Call or e-mail us and we will add you to the chick mailing list.

Winter is seed season and this is a great time to take advantage of discounts.

The Organic Alfalfa supply has been disrupted this year due to paperwork violations by key people in the supply chain. The seed companies, including those we repre-sent, are offering seed tested to be non-GMO. This seed may be either untreated or organic coated. Supplies of this alternative are good and I’m sure all of the certifiers are already aware of the situation so there should be no annual certification problems.

To Contact Us:

Phone: 507-493-5564 40928 County 18

E-mail: hyview@hyviewfeeds.com

8 to 5 Mon thru Friday     Sat by Appointment

And then there’s cover crops and floury corn and Dr. Paul’s Tinctures and Herbal Mixtures for your animal’s health…...but that’s for next time.


40928 County 18

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