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Organic and non-GMO Feeds and Seeds

Hy View Feeds is a Certified Organic manufacturer of Fresh, Clean, Quality Livestock Feeds.

We have been manufacturing feeds, from scratch, since 1989

Hy View Feeds is a Certified Organic manufacturer of Fresh, Clean, Quality Livestock Feeds.

We are an independent, family-owned business started in 1989, providing balanced nutrition for all species of animals and poultry with our own Hy View Feeds brand.

We represent several Organic and non-GMO seed companies, thereby offering an excellent selection.

We believe in our customers and their commitment to offer healthier choices for their livestock and the crops they raise.

Our intent is to support, educate and network customers and growers to strengthen the Organic, non-GMO and Sustainable methods.


Feed is the strength of Hy View Feeds.

 We make Organic and non-GMO feeds, concentrates and minerals.

Organic Certification

The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship awarded our organic certification in 2004.

Since 1989

We have been manufacturing feeds, from scratch, since 1989.  Now, thirty years later, there are over 500 formulas cached in our files. In addition to several house formulations for each specie, custom mixes and reformulation updates are daily occurrences. So if you have a special request or a certain tweak you would like to provide for your livestock, we can add it to your mix.  Our list of ingredient choices is quite extensive.

Our Feeds

Our feeds are made with cleaned grains, something not often found in today’s feed mixes.

Minerals and vitamins are added at optimum and balanced levels because we believe they are the foundation of maintained health and performance.

Below are some of the recognized specialty brands available singly or mixed into our feeds.


We invite you to call with your questions, to get price quotes, or just to pick our brain.


Hy View Feeds offers several Organic and non-GMO Seed Sources.  This allows you to choose from all of these companies in one location. We offer all seed at company list prices.

Browse through a selection of corn and soybean maturities, alfalfa offerings, normal and unusual small grains, a multitude of grasses and cover crops and a plethora of mixes to please your fancy.

Tell us what you want, we will help find the best price and double-check all the organic paperwork, should you need it.


Come to Hy View and enjoy our beautiful views of Bluff Country.  Like the one over the south fence, shown on top of this page.

“Never heard of you guys!”  We hear that every now and then.  But if we ask new customers how they heard of us, invariably the answer will be “____ told me about you.”  I guess that’s advertising we’ll be happy to have. We try our best to provide feeds and natural options to medications and also connections to access animals, forages or information.

We started in 1989, concentrating on all the small family dairy farms.  We sampled feeds, formulated rations, made custom minerals and supplements to fit the home grown grain and forage. This evolved to calf feed and chicken feed and then someone wanted “natural” feeds made without medication.  Then customers started putting the “Organic” bug on our ear and so here we are, doing what we started with….Helping people with their animals.

Now there are fewer cattle dairies and more goat dairies.  We do those, too, as well as sheep and horses.  We make minerals for each of them, with a tweak if you need one.

There are a lot of pigs in the groves and sheds.  We have several swine formulations and variations for you to make your pork product your own.

And speaking of variations, poultry take the prize. There are layers, broilers, ducks in layer and meat versions, guineas and geese.  Lots of different mixes for these and we also have no-soy feed options.

In March through October, you can order your baby poultry from us. We have a very good source for heritage and rare breeds, too. Call or e-mail us and we will add you to the chick mailing list.

Seems like all year long is seed season. Cover crops for tilth and nitrogen fixation and multi cropping to be sure you have enough forage; there are decisions to be made almost every month.

And if all that is not enough, then there’s animal’s health: Dr. Paul’s Tinctures & Herbal Mixtures, By-o-reg and Regano, Humates, Kelp and Diatomaceous Earth.

So, just call. Or e-mail.  We’ll talk.



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